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Project Management

Our project management professionals deliver comprehensive project management services to owners, investors and users in commercial and residential properties. We work with the developer from the project feasibility stage during inception through to the project delivery. By exploiting the local market knowledge and experience combined with the use of the latest technology, our project management team provides on-time and on-budget performance resulting in major cost and time-saving opportunities throughout the entire construction process.

The team works closely with the clients to clearly understand and define roles, responsibilities and expectations for every phase of the project.

Communication protocols and evaluation procedures are also defined and documented so that every party involved in the project knows exactly what to expect.

Our core project management service activities include:

  • Budget preparations
  • Design review
  • Project evaluation and programming
  • Site analysis, feasibility and viability studies
  • Planning and design co-ordination
  • Construction
  • Occupancy co-ordination
  • Project closeout

In addition to the above, we offer advisory services to facilitate property acquisition from the onset before project commencement. We add value by undertaking due diligence to ensure interests of our clients are taken into account and safeguarded.

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